Yoshitaka Amano Original character "SHAULA" Art Shamisen Kokyu type
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Yoshitaka Amano Original character "SHAULA" Art Shamisen Kokyu type

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Yoshitaka Amano Original character "SHAULA" Art Shamisen Kokyu type(Chinese fiddle type) Next-generation shamisen "Shaula" designed by Mr. Yoshitaka Amano, a global illustrator. We prepare two types of Nagauta and Kokyu (Chinese fiddle), each with a total of 400 Ding limited sales of 400 Ding. "Shaula" is a character printed by Mr. Yoshitaka Amano on a printable artificial skin developed by Komatsuya on its own. With collaboration with Mr. Yoshitaka Amano, who is extremely popular abroad, it is the first memorable project that will become a worldwide expansion which is a wish of the industry. For ordering Shaula Shamisen Nagauto please contact below. http://shamisen-komatsuya.com/contact/ ---- About the original character "Shaula" The meaning of Shaula is the scorpion's lambda star. When Komatsuya asked Mr. Yoshitaka Amano to a picture for a shamisen, he explained that the shamisen was originally an image of a woman. Mr. Amano says that inspiration came from there, and in just two months it will complete the picture with unprecedented speed. The red dress is beautiful whose appearance is reminiscent of Scorpios, named Shaula. I can not help expecting if Shaula will jump over the next two dimensions and flutter to the world. * The Tenjin part of the shamisen expresses Japanese hair of an old woman and the "Itomaki"(Tuning peg) expresses "Kanzashi"(Japanese hairpin). ---- Yoshitaka Amano Profile He was born in Japan in 1952. He draws numerous hit animation works such as "Yatterman" "Gatchanman" in the employee days of Tatsunoko Productions in Japan. Since he announced the 1981 serial illustration <Twilight Worlds>, he continues to shock the science fiction and fantasy world. In 1987 Game Software <Final Fantasy> visual concept design he gained overwhelming support of the young generation. He held a solo exhibition in New York in 1997 and 1999. In 2002, he held a solo exhibition in London, Paris and southern France. He held a solo exhibition again in Tokyo Ikebukuro Sunshine City, "August - September 2018, Yoshitaka Amano Exhibition ~ World beyond imagination" which gained popularity throughout the country from 2014 to 2017. He introduced the original picture of "Final Fantasy" and the original picture on the largest scale ever. ---- * I'm truly excuse me, but after receiving an order I will get a delivery date of about 4 weeks. Please note that it may be more than 4 weeks. Type: Kokyu (Chinese fiddle type) Wound material: acrylic (white, black, red) Accessory: sound, thread, piece Features: artificial ripple for shamisen use Sold as traditional craft made in Japan * Depending on the terminal you use and browsing environment, the color and texture of the photograph and the real thing may be seen somewhat differently. * For families with small children and pets, beware of accidental ingestion. Even if an accident happens, we are not responsible, so please understand. * Please do not use the shamisen absolutely for purposes other than purpose. * Shamisen may cause rust, discoloration and deterioration depending on the storage condition. * We do not accept cancellation, return, exchange after ordering. * I will refuse the correspondence of returned goods and refunds other than this incompleteness. * If the item you delivered was damaged, incomplete, shortage of goods, please contact within 3 days after delivery. We will respond promptly after confirming the facts. * If the item becomes out of stock after ordering and it is impossible to resell the corresponding product, we will be forced to cancel it as inevitable. * Products can be purchased only within the range intended for personal use. Please do not purchase for the purpose of reselling to a third party. *NOTICE You are to bear the import duty and all other local expenses at the destination.