[29187] [Tsugaru Shamisen] Beginner shamisen set. (Third-party synthetic skinning. )
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[29187] [Tsugaru Shamisen] Beginner shamisen set. (Third-party synthetic skinning. )

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[29187] [Tsugaru Shamisen] Beginner shamisen set. One piece of neck. (Third-party synthetic skinning · included Bachi (Plastic) · Koma(Bridge) · Doukake(Body Protector) · Neo(cloth end piece) · Ito (String) Set etc.) [Net Store Limited · Special Price] We have prepared a shamisen with value for price for beginners. We are readjusting at the Komatsuya shop not to slip! Please, beginners feel free to take them on hands. - Neck / Body The Neck is African pear, One piece of neck. Body is a round inner body, Karin wood. - Itomaki(tuning peg) Ebony 8.5. Re-adjusted at Komatsuya. - Hardware · Sawari Hardware is alloyed. Azuma-sawari is round Azuma-sawari. - Accessories Bachi (Plastic) · Koma(Bridge) · Doukake(Body Protector) · Doukake-himo(Body Protector String) · Neo(Cloth End Piece) · Long Bag · Ito (String) Set · Yubisuri(Finger Slider)· Pasting Rubber · Frets sticker - Shamisen Skin Third-party synthetic skinning (not Ripple) -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Concerning accessories and accessories set of shamisen being posted on the photograph 1. In the case of photograph posting of a shamisen finished product Shamisen set accessories and accessories for the shamisen are selected by our company. Please acknowledge that photographs and colors and patterns, specifications may differ from actual ones. 2. In the case of photograph publication without a shamisen attached Please acknowledge that small items such as Koma(Bridge) , Doukake(Body Protector), Neo(cloth end piece), Ito(String) etc. that are published in the photograph are not included in actual products. Please note that it is a sample image of the shamisen shell skirt in the photo. -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- There is no guarantee period for beginner shamisen, but you can use it for a long time if you use it like the following. 1. Do not leave it in an extremely hot and humid place such as in a car. 2. When rain and sweat moisture adhere, please wipe it because it is a dry cloth. 3. Do not leave it in hot air or direct sunlight. 4. Do not damage the surface with a blade or the like. 5. For a long period of time, contact with the same place due to bachi(pick) etc. Please stop it because it will damage the surface and cause tearing. This is aged deterioration. 6. Please do not drop or throw the shamisen. 7. Do not push Itomaki (Peg) forcibly and turn it, or do not rotate roundly unnecessarily. 8. Do not place it in the reach of small children. 9. Do not place it in a place with a spark because it is easy to burn. 10. Please refrain from using it for applications other than playing or decorating in the room.