[29186] Small Bachi (Pick,Plectrum) for Shami-boy, Shami-Komachi
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[29186] Small Bachi (Pick,Plectrum) for Shami-boy, Shami-Komachi

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[29186] Small Bachi (Pick,Plectrum) for Shami-boy, Shami-Komachi Feel free to have it like a guitar pick To play Shami Boy and Shami Komachi Please try using! Please choose from two kinds of tortoise design and white. You can also use it as a small Bachi (Pick,Plectrum) for a shamisen. - Material Plastic - Size Vertical 48 mm / diameter 45 mm * Depending on the terminal you use and browsing environment, the color and texture of the photograph and the real thing may be seen somewhat differently. * For families with small children and pets, beware of accidental ingestion. Even if an accident happens, we are not responsible, so please understand. * Please do not use small repellent, for any purpose other than purpose. * We do not accept cancellation, return, exchange after ordering. * I will refuse the correspondence of returned goods and refunds other than this incompleteness. * If the item you delivered was damaged, incomplete, shortage of goods, please contact within 3 days after delivery. We will respond promptly after confirming the facts. * If the item becomes out of stock after ordering and it is impossible to resell the corresponding product, we will be forced to cancel it as inevitable. * Products can be purchased only within the range intended for personal use. Please do not purchase for the purpose of reselling to a third party. *NOTICE You are to bear the import duty and all other local expenses at the destination.