[29175] "Black-Shamiboy" with a round Azuma-sawari : Casual authentic shamisen
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[29175] "Black-Shamiboy" with a round Azuma-sawari : Casual authentic shamisen

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*[Notice] We will make one by one after receiving the order, so the delivery time is 1-2 months. You are to bear the import duty and all other local expenses at the destination. [29175] "Black-Shamiboy" with a round Azuma-Sawari : Enjoy the sound of an authentic shamisen in a casual fashion The body is black, the skin is also black, finished in a cool shamisen with a cool design. Shamiboy Video. https://www.youtube.com/embed/GqPZ8-hVADU *The price in the movie is excluding consumption tax, excluding net sales fee. How to wear yarn of "Shamiboy" for beginners. https://youtu.be/_HwyIC4IqA0 How to adjust the "Shamiboy" using a guitar tuner for beginners. https://youtu.be/I4sldy7j8sc * "Shamiboy" I made a video for beginners. Come and please try it. "Black-Shamiboy" with a round Azuma-Sawari: Enjoy the sound of an authentic shamisen in a casual fashion. Enjoy the authentic sound of a shamisen more casually with the excellent acoustic performance achieved by the artificial skin “Ripple” and a true Azuma-sawari. As the size of the Shamiboy’s neck is the same as that of a standard shamisen, you can easily use it for practice. The product is also eco-friendly because it is made from Japanese cypress harvested from forest thinning. The materials have been carefully selected to achieve our goal of “all materials made in Japan” in manufacturing this product. * Main body (barrel / torso) made by artisanal shamisen craftsmen - Specification Japanese hinoki cypress harvested from forest thinning · Kamigoma (nut) made from alloy · round Azuma-sawari · and artificial skin “Ripple” (for practice use) - Accessories Set of three ito (strings) and koma (bridge) * Please note that the shamisen stand shown in the photo is not included in the accessories. - Full length size: about 99 cm Body part · Vertical size: about 19.5 cm · Horizontal size: about 17 cm - Weight 900g * Because of handmade items, there are individual differences in size and weight. -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- - About Shamiboy (1) Usage of Shamiboy Shamiboy is named after the shamisen, but because it is built with the purpose to enjoy the sound easily and comfortably than the use as a full-fledged shamisen instrument, it is not suitable for a long time playing Please note. ② Handling precautions for Shamiboy Since the warranty period is not a musical instrument but a simple shamisen, there is no warranty period, but you can use it long as you use it like below. 1. Do not leave it in an extremely hot and humid place such as in a car. 2. When rain and sweat moisture adhere, please wipe it because it is a dry cloth. 3. Do not leave it in hot air or direct sunlight. 4. Do not damage the surface with a blade or the like. 5. For a long period of time, contact with the same place due to bachi(pick) etc, Please stop it because it will damage the surface and cause tearing. This is aged deterioration. 6. Unlike the shamisen as an instrument, the rods and torso are very fragile. Please note that it will scratch the nail or cut with a knife etc. 7. Please do not drop or throw the shamiboy. 8. Do not push Itomaki (Peg) forcibly and turn it, or do not rotate roundly unnecessarily. 9. Please keep out of reach of small children. 10. Do not place it in a place with sparks because it is easy to burn. 11. Please refrain from using in applications other than decorating the performance or the room. *NOTICE You are to bear the import duty and all other local expenses at the destination.